[Deck List] Blacephalon GX/Ho-oh GX

Hi everyone,

Just a quick post about a fire deck list from the upcoming Lost Thunder.

Blacephalon GX/Ho-oh GX

Deck Code:9070-013768

Deck Constructor Link

Deck Strategy

The goal is to discard as much fire energies as possible to grab then with Naganadel and discard using Blachephalon GX attack.
This deck can output 250dmg every turn easily once setup.
The setup itself is very fast with Kiawe on T1.
Ho-oh can be strong enough if you start with it on active battle spot, and T1 uses Kiawe. But your main goal is to setup as many Naganadel as you can, since they are the engine from this deck.
Keep in mind that Naganadel can use Beast energy AND choice band, and if you time it properly, it can swap for a whopping 220dmg.
Plumeria is in the deck list just to counter the baby Sceptile, that shuts down ultra beasts. (you can discard the energy attached to it and kill it)
Heat Factory is an amazing stadium, and if you manage to use it, it’s a big advantage.
Acro bikes and Sightseer helps to get the fire energies discarded. And ultra space helps to setup all the Naganadels.

Weak Points

Glaceon GX can be a problem if the opponent manages to set it up on T1. It also attacks for weakness and 1HKO your attackers while aiming for bench damage.

White Kyurem is a power house that will obliterate this deck, since it trades 1 for 2 prizes.

Deck List:

Pokemon: 15
Blacephalon Gx – 4
Hooh GX – 2
Tapu Lele GX – 2
Poipole – 4
Naganadel – 3
Item: 14
Choice Band – 2
Acro Bike – 4
Nest ball – 3
Ultra ball – 2
Beast Ring – 2
Rescue stretcher – 1
Support: 12
Sightseer – 3
Guzma – 2
Lillie – 3
Plumeria – 1
Kiawe – 3
Stadium: 3
Ultra Space – 2
Heat Factory Prism Star – 1
Energy: 16
Beast Energy – 1
Fire Energy – 15

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