3 Fun Zeraora GX decks [Lost Thunder TCG]

Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon—Lost Thunder Zeraora GX

Zeraora / Rayquaza

Deck Code:2631-647423

Deck Constructor

This deck uses Rayquaza as the main attacker. Rarely you will use Zeraora. The main goal of the deck is: aim for T1 or T2 Full Voltage GX attack from Zeraora to accelerate 5 energies. In order to achieve that we have a couple tricks:


Mainly used to trigger Shuckle ability as soon as possible to discard the grass energies needed to accelerate your Rayquazas. With Stormy Windy you can just attach the grass energies from the discard pile easily.


Zeraora’s “Thunderclap Zone” ability let’s you switch your pokemons that have an electric energy attached freely. So it means you always want a electric energy attached to your battle pokemon. I would recommend always attach a electric energy on your first turn, even if it’s a rayquaza or a shuckle, because you will retreat it for Zeraora to come to the battle stage and use his GX attack, with the help of the next card:

Energy Switch

A must have card, since it allows to have more flexibility to retreat and setup attackers. A very useful card that can be seen as a “float stone” or “additional energy”.

Zeraora / Alolan Ninetales

Deck Code:6060-645160

Deck Constructor Link

Zeraora is the main attacker, the goal is to setup energies in the discard pile with the help of shuckle.
Then you can use Zeraora GX attack to attach up to 5 energies to your pokemons. This will possible power up 2 attackers. So you can keep switching between then to spam Plasma Fist.

Alolan Ninetales GX

Alolan Ninetales is a secondary attacker, when evolving you can search for key items, including Electric Power.
One option is also to include custom catcher, but because of deck space I left it out. You can tweak the deck as you want if you need to play them.

Zeraora / Tapu Koko

Deck Code:9426-842712

Deck Constructor Link

Zeraora is the main attacker, and Tapu Koko is the finisher with his GX attack.
I opt to leave Cintia out, just because it’s too expensive here in Japan, but you can include it instead of other draw supporters.
If you miss the first turn setup, this deck has many ways to power up energy and leave the GX attack to be used by Tapu Koko instead of Zeraora.
Counter Gain, Raikou, Oricorio, all of them helps on the energy efficiency side. Super Scoop-up and Pokemon Catcher can help to make a difference.

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